The Reality of Photo Sessions

By far, one of the best notes I’ve received after a session!

“Jen, I don’t know how you do it!  How do you make my kids look so well behaved? How do you make them look so cute? How do you make it look like the photo session was so easy?  This is how I remember the session… crap Ben’s hair looks bad, hide Kate’s diaper, what happened to Kate’s hair, where is Kate’s shoe, Ben get back here, Ben smile, Adam stop looking at Ben, suck in my gut, oh man I hope my hair looks ok…. and at last we are done and I’m certain there are no cute pics.  Then it’s like magic, you send these super cute pics.  DON’T know how you do it. Thank you!” -AnneMarie


Sweet Day, Sweet Words

Being a part of your intimate weddings here in Orange County is always an honor. Ember & Jackson’s was no exception. So many sweet moments were made at El Adobe restaurant in San Juan Capistrano, and I adored being a part of it. I I love even more when I get the sweetest notes like this: “Jen!! The pictures are AMAZZINGG!!!! You were so inconspicuous during the ceremony!! We had no idea you were walking around getting all those great close up shots. You really captured some great moments (and facial expressions)…we are so grateful for your beautiful work and artistic eye!! ”

I’m so grateful for all of YOU! Now it’s your turn to create these moments for you! Contact me, let’s chat!

Celebrating Love Simply

Cece and Joe wanted to keep it simple. I believe her exact words were “I want a simple wedding with pops of color.” That’s exactly what she had the beautiful Huntington Beach Hyatt in Orange County. Their immediate family & friends, the sweetest words on their wedding day, and the ocean right across the street. This intimate Orange County wedding couldn’t have been more perfect, and I adore being a part of that! Contact me to chat about being a part of your intimate wedding day! 

The Courthouse & The Beach

It’s no secret that I love me some sweet weddings at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana! Courthouse marriages are my favorite, and it’s always an honor to be a part. Chris and Andreas shared some of the sweetest moments, while I was there to witness their courthouse marriage. Can’t wait to see who I photograph next at the Santa Ana Courthouse! Contact me to chat, and check out this article to help you plan your wedding!