Best Kept Secret: Up Cycled Succulents

Have you heard the phrase “up cycled?” I love it. Its a fabulously sugar coated way of saying used. But it sounds so much more hipster and cool.

Without up cycled:
Here’s this junky old tea pot I found at the swap meet this weekend, I hope I can find something to do with it.

With up cycled:
Oh heeeeyyyyy, here’s my awesome up cycled teapot that I scored at the flea market this weekend. I can’t wait to make some amazing crafts, inspired by Pinterest, with it.

See…cool, right?

Anyways, I actually did go the flea market this weekend, in search of some new containers to plant my succulents.

If you don’t have succulents, YOU SHOULD!! They’re the easiest thing in the world to maintain. They need water maybe once a month. And they add pretty to your life. :)

The other awesome thing about them, is you can cut them from the current plant they grow on, plant them somewhere else, and they won’t die, but instead will re-root. I have a couple friends with various succulents in their yard. So instead of buying succulents, I go over there, clip a whole bunch off, come home and create glorious things.

I replant all of mine a couple times of year, into new containers or whatever I come across. It’s a quick and easy patio make over. :) So here are all of the new containers I got over the weekend, and the plants they became. Yay!

Try it…its super easy and the outcome is so fun. You can use any kind of container. Tightly pack dirt to the very top of your container, and stick in the stems of your succies (thats my nickname for succulents). Water the dirt very 3-4 weeks (succies don’t prefer water, so try to water around them). When theres a lot of dirt showing, I throw some little pebbles over the dirt (I got the pebbles at the dollar store). There’s no right or wrong way either! It will make you smile!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I spent a total of $15 on my four new up cycled succulent containers. :) I’m a haggler.




And lastly, my most favorite one of all!

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