Just Some Wine Corks…

Do you know how happy I am that I finally found a use for the wine corks I’ve been saving? Well I’m VERY happy!

I was at the OC Mix Mart today, and saw the cutest little things….these wine cork magnets with succulents in them. The were on sale for $5 each. I was about to buy a couple, when I got my bearings straight and remembered how crafty I actually am. So why not make them myself?? Obvi. Also, I have an obsession with succulents anyways, so it’s just one more use for them. :)

So I came home and made them. And BOOOOOOOOM…my very own wine cork succulent magnets. And because I love to share good ideas, I am excited to share with you…steps to making wine cork succulent magnets!

Supplies needed:
Wine corks. A magnet roll with a sticky backing. A handfull of dirt. Miniature succulents. Also some super glue and a toothpick.

STEP 1: This was the most annoying part, so I had to recruit my lovely husband for some help. He hollowed out the wine corks about 70% of the way with a drill bit. It was simple and took him ten minutes. But I have no idea how to use a drill, so he was crucial. So I should probably add to my list of supplies needed, “husband with drill bits and know how.”
STEP 2: Fill wine cork hole with dirt and insert miniature succies (my nickname for succulents). I used a toothpick to pack the dirt a little, as well as push down the stem of my succie.
STEP 3: Cut two small pieces of magnet and super glue the sticky side to the back of your cork.
STEP 4: Put on your fridge and stare & smile with glee because you have these:

Okay give it a try and let me know how they turned out!! Or, if you’re really nice to me, and bring me cupcakes or something, maybe I’ll make some for you. :)

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  1. Love them!! :) I miss being crafty. My apartment is not conducive to crafting.

  2. Love this project! Need to pick up a few materials for this to give it a try.

    • It’s so easy Melissa. If I could figure out a way to package them securely, I actually would send some to you. Any ideas?

  3. Joseph Sedlacek says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jen! I’m going to try these and
    use for gifts to my co-workers!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Jen, you are not the original sorce I got this amazing idea, but I did want to tell you I read your article and its great. I also must say yours are some of the cleanest I’ve seen as well. Great Job!

  5. Santiago says:

    I used a Dremmel tool with a drill bit to make the holes on the corks. Also, the cork on a Don Julio tequila bottle and from a Champagne (more round) made a nice addition to the cork shapes.

    • Great idea about the Don Julio corks! I’ve used champagne ones too, and they look great as well! Thanks! :)

  6. Marco Cabezuela says:

    Where did you get the mini succies?

  7. How much did you end up spending on each one?

    • I didn’t spend anything. I just saved wine corks (if you don’t drink enough wine, go to a wine bar or store, and ask them for corks, they usually have plenty to give away). And I cut all the succulents from a freind’s garden. If you don’t have that as an opiton, you could go do Home Depot and buy a few succulent plants, and cut them in to small stems! Oh, and a guess a few dollars on a magnet strip roll that was cut into small pieces.

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