Maternity At Sunset

This is Tracy. She’s going to be a mama for the first time. IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!! And she looks like this. True story.

Funny thing about Tracy is that she’s not the biggest fan of having pictures taken. I have to admit, going in knowing this fact, I was a little cautious. However, to my surprise, she rocked the camera, looked STUNNING, and showed a seriously perfect little belly that’s growing a perfect little girl.

These pictures could not have turned out more glorious. She looks gorgeous. She’s in a perfect Southern California setting, and the golden sunset is glowing on her. I love.

Can’t wait to meet little Harper very soon here. In the meantime, here is Harper comfortably cooking in her mama’s belly until she makes he debut to the world, very soon! :)

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  1. Tracy looks lovely… and TINY! Love the name Harper. Was definitely on my list of faves until I realised people here would say Harpuh. blech.

  2. So gorgeous, I love that you can see her popping belly button…

    • Thank you Shoshanna! Hehe I know I love the belly buttons! Although, she said her’s was only half out…I hadn’t heard that before!

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