The Twins Are One!

I. Can’t. Believe. This.
How are the most darling little twin boys in the whole wide world, one year old already??

Let’s take a stroll through their first year of life, shall we?

It started in their mama’s belly.
Then we documented them right after they made their appearance into the world.
And a few months later, when they couldn’t quite sit up.
Then, as pretty much the greatest little Christmas gifts ever.
And finally, just a few months back when they were crawling up a storm.

Now these little twin boys are one years old, and as darling and precious as ever. Their personalities are evident. And their cuteness is absurd. I’m so honored that I’ve been able to watch them grow over this last year. What an awesome gift for them to look back on in a few years. :)

So let’s get to it…I present, the twinner’s first birthday!! I hope these make you squeal and giggle like teenage girls.

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  1. Yay! Thank you for capturing my boys this past year. It’s been fun. VIVIAN!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have twin boys, who will be one next month! I love these shirts! Where are they from?
    Adorable pictures!

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