Why I’m A Professional Photographer: Consistency

Best-Orange-County-Photographer2I’ve been thinking, what makes a professional photographer? Besides the fact that you’re paying me to take amazing pictures of you. And besides the fact that I’m an actual business and pay taxes. It seems like now a days, everyone has a DSLR, and everyone has a friend or family member that “can take good pictures,” so is now a “photographer.” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking any of that. But I want you to understand, WHY, you want me to create my images for you.

Best-Orange-County-PhotographerThere’s a looooooong list of reasons why I’m a professional photographer. Right now, I want to touch on just one: CONSISTENCY. What is consistency when it comes to photographers? It simply means that when I create images for you, I can guarantee that they will be the same style and quality that you see on here time and time again. The images I give you will be MY brand, like you chose me for.

Sounds easy, right? Sadly, it must not be. I hate to say this, but I see many “professional photographers” that can’t deliver consistency. I’ll see a great, sharp image from someone, and get excited to see more. When I check out their portfolio, I see images with completely different color tones, pictures that are too bight or too dark, and even some blurry images. The worst part about this, is YOU’RE the one paying for their mistakes.

Best-Orange-County-Photographer3Experience cannot be duplicated. No matter how great we all want to think we are when first beginning, the reality is your images will change, and your brand will form, only with lots of hours of practice. Practice in taking pictures. Practice in editing.

I was recently looking back at some of my first images. At the time, I was blown away by what great pictures I took for what a short time I had been taking pictures. Now I look back at them and chuckle. They’re still good images, but lets be honest, they just can’t compare to what I produce at this point. My pictures have changed leaps and bounds, and I’ve concretely found my style and my brand. All thanks to the learning, practice, and experience, that cannot be duplicated.

Here’s a tip: When seeking a photographer, ask to see a few entire sets of their work. Meaning let them know you’d like to see an example (or four) of a full session. Oftentimes, you may be in for a surprise. It’s easy to come out with one great image, but not easy for some photographers to deliver 30 great images. If you asked me this (and I’d love for you to ask), you would certainly not be disappointed. You would see consistently beautiful pictures, that represent my brand, time and time again.


These are your images. They’re your investment. They’ll be on your walls and in your albums for a lifetime. Do your research, and choose wisely.

Okay, so are you ready to see what your pretty face looks like on my brand? Email me (Jen@JenCYK.com)! Let’s do it!

PS…Just so you know, I’m not the only one that offers consistency. Hehe, obviously. ;) Here are a few of my favorite photographers that are not only phenomenal, but never cease to deliver images consistent with their brand. Their styles are completely different from mine and from each other, but they’re all so amazingly talented and always inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you too! Enjoy!

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