What Camera Should You Buy?

So I get this question a lot:
What camera should I buy???
Great question! My answer:
Do your research! :) Hehe.

Okay okay, I’ll make a suggestion. If you are new parents, and want to have much clearer pictures of your ahhhhhmazing little child. Or you want to start taking pictures of pretty flowers? Here’s what I would do, and what I actually did.IMG_2309*The above image was taken on my Canon 5D Mark II, with my 50mm 1.4 lens.

So there are four parts to taking good pictures.

Number 1: A Camera
I’m a Canon shooter. Is this better than Nikon? No. It’s simply my preference. So I would suggest this Canon EOS Rebel as your starter camera. Guess what, when I first started my venture as being a photographer, I used this, on paid shoots! That’s right! I had to learn how to use it, and find my style as a photographer before I could jump into the next camera. This is just an all around lovely camera that will take beautiful pictures of most everything!

Number 2: A Lens
So the lens that this camera comes with, sucks. I think it’s imperative to get just one other lens. There are a lot to choose from, and many that would work great for your situation. But if you’re just looking to take better pictures of your kids, or scenery, or stuff. This 50mm 1.8 lens is awesome! It is a completely versatile lens and takes beautiful images. $125 well spent. This was the lens I used 90% of the time when I was first starting out with families, kids, couples, newborns, etc.Family-Day-(5)*The above image of my lovely parents was taken on my Canon 5D Mark II, with my 100mm 2.8 lens.

Number 3: Shooting In Manual Mode
I’m not going to teach you this one. But I will tell you this is the key to being in control of the pictures you take. When I was first starting my photography venture, I shot in AV mode. Unfortunately, my pictures weren’t consistent because I was letting the camera choose how to take a picture for me. Shooting in manual is the only way to go. Learn it!

Number 4: It’s Not The Camera, It’s You
Realize that having a nice camera does not automatically produce nice pictures. You have to know what you are doing with this camera. You have to understand composition. And you need to grasp a basic concept of lighting. I wish I could tell you to buy a fancy camera, a cool lens, and booooommmm you’re a photographer. But doesn’t work that way. So take all of these suggestions into account, and hopefully you’ll have lovely pictures that make you smile, when I’m not there to do it for you. :)

And one last picture. Of my most favorite buddies, Rampage. He sleeps. A lot. Don’t judge. By the way, this perfectly good picture was taken on my iPhone through Instagram. ;)Bassett-Hound-Rampage

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