Why I’m A Professional Photographer: Natural Posing

Orange-County-Photographer-2I recently wrote a lovely article about what makes me a professional photographer (which is consistency, and I encourage you to check that out right here). I want to continue with this topic, because I’m a big believer that you should understand why you are choosing a photographer of my¬†caliber, instead of having a “friend with a good camera” take pictures, or someone that charges pennies for your session.

I can’t tell you how many times people see my pictures and tell me, “I love how you captured such a great moment.” Its kind of like they think that moment just happened, and I was conveniently there to capture it. Well my friends, that moment didn’t “just happen.” I created it.

Whhhhhhaaaaaat?? You mean that beautiful moment with the sweetest little family laughing, or that most adorable picture of the mother and son giggling, that wasn’t real?Orange-County-Photographer-7Well, it was real, because it happened, but I created that moment. You see, when my clients and I first chat about our upcoming session, 99% of them tell me “I just want non-posed pictures like you’re so good at!” And I will give those to you.

But the reality is, I HAVE to pose you. Lets do a little exercise. Okay follow along with me. Right now, step in front of a mirror and smile, but make it look natural, not posed. Okay how’d you do?? I don’t believe that you really tried it!! But if you did, you probably felt a little awkward, right?

This is one of the top reasons why I’m a professional photographer. Because of my ability to pose you and make it look like you’re not posing, but rather just having a genuine moment with someone you love. I call it natural posing.Orange-County-Photographer-3Unless you model for a living, most of us have no idea what to do when we get in front of a camera. And there is nothing wrong with that, its my job to direct you. Not only do I direct you, I also need many poses (in my head) to choose from, that I can quickly settle you comfortably in to.

The other side of this is HUGE. I have to make YOU feel comfortable posing for me, in order to make it look natural. I truly believe that is my particular gift as a photographer. I have a gift to make people feel at ease with me, and that is how I create the style that I do.Orange-County-PhotographerBetween posing and the ability to make you look natural, that is what makes me, me. And my images, my images. I’ve cultivated and perfected these skills, only with practice and experience. And those are two things that CANNOT be duplicated.

I don’t think just any photographer (experienced or inexperienced), has these same abilities. So do your research, have a phone chat with your potential photographer, and make sure that you’ve found someone who will no doubt, bring your vision and expectations to life!

If you’re ready for me to bring your vision to life, shoot me an email, lets make some glorious art together!

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