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Hi, I’m Jen!

So what is it that makes you incredible people want to work with me? I’ve been told it’s because of my gift to make you feel peaceful when I’m there. Some say it’s because of my ability to bring out natural moments while you’re in front of the camera. Others love our sessions, and the fun they have with people they lovelovelove. And some clients simply love the style of art that I’ll create, which will proudly hang on their walls.

Whatever your reason is for working with me, I adore working with YOU! You, the mom that is always TAKING the pictures, instead of being in them. And YOU, the wife who is busy working hard to successfully raise a beautiful family. You, the first time parents to be. You, the little ones that are always laughing. You, the newborn babies that smell soooooo good. YOU, make me smile!

I think we might be a good fit, don’t you agree?

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And since this page is supposed to tell you about me, here goes. I love the word love. I love fresh flowers on my dining room table, bright colors, chocolate chip cookies, any cupcake from Frosted, and my dog Rampage. I eat Z-Pizza five days a week. I have one little tattoo on my wrist (contemplating more…eeeeek). I’m obsessed with fun jewelry. My favorite band is Mumford & Sons. I love girls with guitars and/or talent (Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Gwen Stefani). I love girl’s nights in with my favorite ladies. And I love red wine (if you want to get me a bottle, J. Lohr Cab or Menage a Trois will make me smile ;). Cheers!

Email me or call me at 714.317.8499, to discuss your Maternity, Newborn, Family, Engagement, Couples, Boudoir, or Senior session. I can’t wait to give you amazingly awesome pictures that will make you smile, for-ev-er.

Sessions available in Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.

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