Wine And Girl Scout Cookies, What More Is There?

Girl Scout Cookie Wine PairingGirl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing (7)There THEY are. That irresistible temptation you’re faced with each year. You’re just casually walking towards the entrance of your local grocery store, minding your own business. You look up from your phone, and you lock eyes with them: COOKIES. Girl Scout cookies to be exact. You tell yourself you don’t need them; you worked out today, you’ve already had too much sugar, you should just keep walking. But those morsels of yumminess draw you in. The Samoas, the Thin Mints, the Tagalongs. You can’t resist so you give in and buy a box….or three.

You know what I’m talking about, people??!? Of course you do, who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies? But you know what I love more than these sinful desserts? Well, if you guessed taking gorgeous pictures of beautiful families like these ones, you’re close. WINE. I. LOVE. WINE. And I’ll assume you’re likely with me on that one.

So how about this. While Girl Scout cookie season is in full effect, get your squad together for a girls’ night, and pair some delicious Girl Scout cookies with your favorite wines. Let’s call it #girlscookieswine, shall we? Because that sounds like the perfect combo to me!

Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing (4)Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing (5) Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing (6)As a maternity, newborn and family photographer, I know great pictures –and if we haven’t had an opportunity to work together, contact me so you don’t miss out any longer. But when I need me some great wine, I go to SeaLegs Wine Bar in Huntington Beach, CA. SeaLegs has pulled together perfect wine pairing suggestions that bring out the great flavors of our favorite cookies.

Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing (2)For example, did you know that the coconut flavor in Samoas is accentuated best when  paired with a dessert wine like a Port? I bet you didn’t, so I have a special treat for you! We’ve put together a wine and Girl Scout cookie pairing chart that you can print out and test with your very own taste buds (just click the image below to download it)!


I mean, if we’re being honest, cookies taste amazing on their own. And wine, well it’s wine. No explanation needed there. But when you bring these two great inventions together, that is where the magic happens.

This next month, as you have your encounters with Girl Scout cookies, embrace it! Share this article with your fellow cookie and wine lovers too. Let’s all have some fun. And I hope when you finally meet me to create your stunning pictures, we can chat about #girlscookieswine!

Special thanks to the our creative team:
Shoot Concept & Design: Whimsical Events
Location: SeaLegs Wine Bar, Huntington Beach, CA
Pairing Chart Printable: Deanna Moore Design
Photography: Jen CYK Photography, Huntington Beach, CA

Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing (3)Girl-Scout-Cookie-Wine-Pairing-(10)

Makeover My House.

photoI’ve owned my home for 6 1/2 years now. When I first moved in, I’d bought everything brand new. It was so pretty, contemporary, and just as I liked it. I was also 25, and wasn’t really clear on what my style was.

Many moons later, I’m 32, and my style has completely changed.

I don’t want things new, neutral, and boring. I want them colorful, bright, and happy. Also, I don’t want my house to be like your grandma’s house (well not your grandma per se, but you know what I mean), where you go there for years and years of your life, and things are always the same. They never change. They stand still in time. Ya, I don’t want to be that old lady (yet).

So I’m on a mission to update things, and make them more my “current” style.

It’s fun. And it’s pretty cheap. Just keeping my eyes open, and going to the Long Beach Antique Market, I have some pretty good things coming my way!

Okay so I made that little flower arrangement up there to get some color poppin in my world. I’m obsessed. So easy, and super cute!

I bought a clear bowl vase from the dollar store (which I actually have a bunch of these on hand to plant succulents in, and give as gifts). Then I bought some Martha Stewart crafty paint at Michaels, and a sponge applicator. Filled the INSIDE of the vase with paint. And voila!! Pretty fun new vase! I got my inspiration from this pin I found on Pinterest.

You should paint some glasses or vases. Easy way to throw a specific color in your mix! Yay good times on a Saturday night (that’s what I did on Saturday night, painted a vase). It was lovely.

*Picture taken on my iPhone through Instagram.

Easy Photoshoots For Your Kids!

You’ve probably seen all the adorable kids around here. Because lemme tell ya, there’s a lot!

All my little newborns are growing up, and we have to make sure we document it more than ever!

Now, I understand not every person in the whole world, can commission me to document their child’s life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own!

You may have noticed in all of my pictures, there’s typically a cute background. Whether it’s set in my studio, or set in nature, it only adds to an already adorbs kid.

So I put together some simple ideas and instructions, on how to create a photoshoot of your own.

With many of my clients, we have a standard time frame that we document: Newborn, six months, and their year birthday. But like I said, I totally understand I can’t always be there to do it for you. So check out my tips over at Hostess With The Mostess, to get some good ideas on making a shoot yourself!

Give a little photoshoot a try at a time when I’m not there to create one for you! I know you can do it, and you’ll have fun pictures to look back in years to come. :)

Lance Armstrong & Printables

photoToday is my dad’s birthday. He’s 72. It’s really crazy to me that my pops is 72 (I’m only 32). The reality of life is that people grow older. While my dad has had some major changes in his health, he is healthy and for that I’m grateful.

So happy birthday to my dad. Here’s to many more years of celebrating a man that I love lots.

Other realities of life…people cheat. People make bad choices. People don’t think clearly and justify poor decisions.

Lance Armstrong. Cheated. Lied. Didn’t feel one bit of guilt.

My husband and I keep “discussing” this. We are on opposite sides of the spectrum with this situation. My thoughts (which I know have no bearing on anything, but it’s my blog so I’ll write what’s on my mind)? Yes, Mr. Armstrong did a terrible thing. I read his book and was inspired by it, back when he was lying and cheating. But at the end of the day, we have all done bad things, we have all made bad decisions. Yes, some are worse than others and some effect more people than other choices do. But I believe in forgiveness. Again, his choices have nothing to do with me. But if I made a huge mistake, I would want to be forgiven.

So Lance Armstrong, I forgive you.

In other important first world topics, I saw this awesome 16×20 printable over at the eighteen25 blog. I love these printables, because they make great gifts. I like to frame them and give them away. I mean why not? So head over to their blog, grab a free download (with your choices of colors), print it out, enjoy.

16x20 sunshine print yellow

*Image of my parents taken on my iPhone through Instagram.