Balloons & Cheeks!

First Birthday3

Every time I get to see this family, I’m so happy. Their adorable litte son’s cheeks tickle me!! Seriously!! As I look through these pictures, I smile the whole time. :)

Heather wanted to have some pictures of her family, for her little boy’s first birthday. He’s a happy and smiling one year old, who has so much love from his parents.

We did this shoot a day after his birthday party, so they had lots of balloons left over. As you can see, they brought them. They were a cheerful addition to the shoot, and I love these pix! There were actually even more ballons, but it was the windiest day in So Cal, and a whole bunch of about 15 balloons was swallowed by the wind and floated up, up and away. It was a little sad, but mostly funny. Hehe.

Anyways….I love watching this little family grow. Here are some of my faves from our day together!! Enjoy the cheekies and smiles!!

First Birthday13

First Birthday12

First Birthday9

First Birthday11

First Birthday10

First Birthday8

First Birthday7

First Birthday6

First Birthday5

First Birthday4

First Birthday3

First Birthday2

First Birthday1

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