The Cutest Couple & Their Baby Bump

Costa Mesa Maternity Photos (15) Costa Mesa Maternity Photos Costa Mesa Maternity Photos (10) Costa Mesa Maternity Photos (8)This couple. They KNOW good pictures. They also know good style, good looks, and how to be amazingly good together.

So these two dated for a while before they tied the knot. When they finally did it, they had the most beautiful wedding. And, my most FAVORITE photographer just happened to capture it (that would be Amelia Lyon, and you can see her fantasticlly amazing and artistic work, right here).

So first comes love (check), then comes marriage (check), then comes……the baby!! Okay but not quite yet. Because in the modern day book of fairy tales (or at least my book of photography fairytales), you need to squeeze in “then comes maternity photos” first.

And so the maternity photos were done. And I love them. And Kristin’s glowing face makes me smile. And the way Remi looks at her, and so easily makes her laugh, it’s all very endearing. People like these, are the ones that make good families. So before there were three, there were these two. And who doesn’t love these two?? the time you’re reading this, the baby has arrived. They kept their little baby’s gender a surprise….can’t wait to spill the beans (well not really because everyone knows. But maybe you don’t)!

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Family Love At The Beach

Ohhhhhh let me tell you! I adore how these family portraits at the beach turned out!!!! You might recognize the famous cheeked little guy from his one year old shoot. Since his mom adores pictures, Heather wanted to do a session with the entire family.

This one was extra special because they all got dolled up, make up did, and even made the boys dress up. I’m so happy that did. I know most people never take the time to do this at least one in their life, but they should!!

This day was fun. They laughed together, they got annoyed together, and they acted like a family together. I <3 families. Here are some of my faves from their shoot, as a family.

And finally, the happiest, bestess picture of all!! This makes me smile.

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Three of The Prettiest Preggos

Have you ever known a pregnant lady? Okay how about two? Okay how about three pregnant gals. That were sisters!!

Guess what I know three pregnant sisters. See…
Pregnant Sisters (1)

These gloriously gorgeous ladies wanted to make sure they had this moment captured for-ev-er. I mean how many times are you and your two beautiful sisters, expecting at the same time. I love that they’ll bring three new little ones into the world who will grow up together, sharing happiness, fun, and love.

I’m so happy these girls took the time to make these pictures happen together. Everything about this session makes me smile. From the beautiful ladies, to the yellow flowers, to the earthy feel. Its. All. Perfect. :)

Two of these girls are already awesome moms to darling children, and the other, it’s a given that she’ll be a fab mama. Can’t wait to meet the three little new ones!!

Pregnant Sisters (0)

Pregnant Sisters (2)

Pregnant Sisters (3)

Pregnant Sisters (5)

Pregnant Sisters (6)

Pregnant Sisters (7)

Pregnant Sisters (8)

Pregnant Sisters (9)

Pregnant Sisters (10)

Pregnant Sisters (12)

Pregnant Sisters (13)

So this picture….I love love love. I wanted to grab a moment that reminded me of growing up, or of childhood. I think this picture totally captures it.

Pregnant Sisters (14)

Pregnant Sisters (15)

Pregnant Sisters (16)

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Now that I’m older and can appreciate the relationship sisters have, I definietly wish I had grown up with a sister close to my age. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister very much, but she’s 16 years older than me, so we didn’t get to be pals when I was a kid. So when I’m lucky enough to spend time with little lady seeeesters, it makes me smile.

So needless to say, these two little girls make me smile, A LOT. Here are a few reasons:
1. The little one’s cheeks. I mean come on.
2. The little one’s perfect little curls that glisten in the sun.
3. The older little lady’s love for nature and outdoors.
4. And of course, the older one’s cheeks. She never quite grew out of them. So Darling.

I also want to recognize their fabulous mother. She’s the creator of all things graphic design. I know people always say sweet things about people they believe in, but she actually is genuinely amazingly talented. She creates so many INCREDIBLE things for me, and I’m very blessed to have her. Her latest creation is my lovely new watermark, to make sure you know who’s pictures you’re looking at. :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our most recent session together!! Looooooove.











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