The Best Newborn Family Pictures EVER!

Amazing Newborn Poses (4) Amazing Newborn Poses (11)NEWBORN BABIESSSSS!!!!!!! Who doesn’t love them??!?! EVERYONE DOES! Of course.

This perfect little girl arrived and made Erin & Andrew parents!! And I love it, they’re the super easy going type parents that just figure out what to do, and how to do it, and made it look pretty simple. I like these guys.  So flattered they made the trek down to Orange County from San Diego for their little girl’s newborn pictures, when she was just days old.

May they always remember these brand new moments of being parents for the first time. And may these sweet pictures of their perfect daughter always make them smile!

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Beautiful People, Bright Shoes, A Favorite Courthouse.

Santa Ana Courthouse Wedding Photographer (1) Old Santa Ana Courthouse (1) Courthouse Wedding (2) Santa Ana Courthouse Wedding (3)THIIIIIIISSSSSSS COUPLE! This courthouse! This wedding!! Trichelle & Nehemiah were a stunning bride and groom. It was just them, my camera, and the old Santa Ana Courthouse. And it was perfect. They wanted it simple and stress free. They nailed that.

Trichelle said what was most important to her is that these pictures would tell the story of a beautiful day, and a true wedding. Sometimes when people here the phrase “courthouse wedding,” they don’t immediately see the vision that both Trichelle and I could. Especially when they don’t know how beautiful the Santa Ana Courthouse actually is.

There is no doubt these pictures tell the story of a couple who loves each other, and made the decision to spend their lives together. And that’s all that mattered. Not a huge wedding. Just the two of them.

I can’t say it enough, how I adore joining the sweetest of couples for their wedding days. Their intimate moments that are filled with so many memorable looks, smiles, feelings. Here are some stunning pictures that tell the story of love. May these pictures make this husband and wife smile forever.

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Gorgeous Family. Gorgeous Photos.

Gorgeous Family Photos Huntington Beach (10) Gorgeous Family Photos Huntington Beach (4) Gorgeous Family Photos Huntington Beach (15)I really hope she doesn’t get mad at me for saying this. But I’m just being honest. Because I KNOW she’s not the only one that’s felt this way. Harmony was VERY nervous for our pictures. In the past, we’d talked about pictures of her. She said she always has this overly giant smile in pictures because she gets nervous.

Look, these kind of concerns, they don’t scare me. They make me excited to show people with these thoughts, what you get when you work with me. Which is STUNNING PICTURES.

Ryan, Harmony, and their family arrived an hour before our session. They had a sweet picnic. And some beers. Which I actually completely suggest to take an edge off. It worked. Not even one overly smiling-smiles showed up in our pictures. Only love. Happiness. And a family that flows together in the loveliest way.

I’m so stoked we made this day happen. I know she’s wanted it for a long time, and this is absolutely one of my favorite sessions to date. They generate warmth and love. May these gorgeous pictures make her remember those feelings forever.

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Family Belongs Together. In Pictures.

Extended Family Photos Orange County (10) Extended Family Photos Orange County (3) Extended Family Photos Orange County They took the time to make pictures of them ALL, happen. This makes me soooooo happy! It makes all of these wonderful people sooooo happy. One big family, lots of pretty faces, lots of happy smiles. Molly and Colby brought their parents, their babies, their significant others, and their in-laws out on a beautiful Huntington Beach afternoon. This may be the only time it happens, who knows? But I’m so happy they did this.

Bring your family together just once (outside of a wedding). And this beauty will happen. And you will smile about it forever!

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