Before She Was A Georgia Peach

Creative Family Photos  (11)Creative Family Photos  (17)I believe Traci is now officially a Georgia Peach. This California lady packed up her house and her family, said goodbye to her favorite people and food, and headed to the east coast. IT’S SO SCARY!! But she’s a brave one this lady, and is settling her way through this new adventure just fine (and even being so bold as to try the Mexican food out there, now THAT, is nervy!! Hehe).

Before she left, she said that all she wanted in the whole wide world, was her last family photo shoot in California at a quintessential California location. When she saw one of my other family’s sessions here, she said that was it!

And so it was. Looking so pretty just eight months after having her third little one, this west coast family stepped in front of my camera again, at her perfect quintessential California location, to make one last piece of their California history.

Love these Orange County family pictures, and look forward to seeing these guys agaig. Hopefully next time, it will be over on the East Coast for a quintessential Georgia shoot!

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The Ultimate Family Maternity Pictures.

Family Maternity Photos (1) Family Maternity Photos (15) Family Maternity Photos (18)Baby {boy} number three is waiting to debut his face. It started with a little daughter. A new house, lots of tattoos, a couple dogs, and they welcomed a son. Two short years later, surprise, another son!!!!!!

Cindee and Daryl know how to make it look easy. Three kids and two dogs is a lot. But, they have fun, have so many great family moments, and lots of love between this little crew. And, let’s just go on and say it. CINDEE LOOKS SO FREAKING HOT!! She’s one of those gals that pregnancy looks so amazing on. I mean she’s got a belly. That’s it. Isn’t that what we all dream of?

So here they are. Their last family pictures as a family of four. In a couple of weeks, they’ll forever be a family of five. Adding one more cute kid to this crew, to have a lifetime of adventures with. Adore these Orange County family maternity photos, and so do they. :)

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The Pretty Preggo In The Pink Glow

Beautiful Maternity Pictures (1) You’ve heard of pregnancy glow, right? So what is it, anyways? My definition goes as follows:

  • Extra happy
  • Extra beautiful
  • Extra glow-y in the cheeks
  • And sometimes, a litlte boob-a-licious (Turi said that, not me) :)

So after spending a golden evening with Turi and Jake, I’m 100% confident that Turi is absolutely, most definitely glowing!!!

Their first baby is baking through the last couple weeks in his mama’s belly. While he’s in there, you can’t help but wonder…who this little person is going to be. Will he be the sweetest kid EVER like his mom (because I have to say, Turi is just one of those genuinely kind-hearted girls that you want to be around, we should all take some kindness pointers from her) :). Will he be a volleyball playa like pops? I don’t even know, the possibilities are endless.

So while we sit back and imagine who will be welcomed very soon, we made some stunning maternity pictures in this beautiful Orange County field, so one day he can get a glimpse of what life was like before he made his debut!

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From Little Girl To Little Tween

Huntington Beach Teen Photos (2)One of the sweetest, genuine ladies you’ll ever meet, is this pretty lady’s Nana. And this Nana absolutely adores her granddaughter. They have adventures together, the get their nails did together, they learn together, they grow together, and the list goes on.

Lynn also loves seeing her beautiful granddaughter through my camera. I love how Lynn’s eyes light up when she sees the pictures from our sessions. So the time came again, when Malia needed to rock her pretty smile for me, so we could see the changes that have happened since we last met in 2012.

So we did it. Malia chose her outfit, had her nails done with a cute anime twist, and smiled like a lovely tween lady for me. How awesome is it to see what a difference two years makes in the life of a tween (as shown in the following pictures). Always look forward to spending an afternoon with these ladies, and what changes and pretty faces our next shoot will bring!

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