A New Mama

Newborn Photography Orange (4) Newborn Photography Orange (8) Newborn Photography Orange (10)This pretty gal had her baby. Sarah and Pete had their maternity pictures (here), then they had their baby. These two are happy parents and in love with this kid. So sweet to see your family bring joy to so many people with this new life (Sarah is actually my  niece).

So here are the sweetest newborn photos of their little Emi Girl. Amazing newborn photos are priceless. Cliche, but true. I love that these will make them smile forever.

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This Pretty Face!

Shannon Quintana (4)New album, new headshots.

The lovely Shannon Quintana will soon be releasing the second part of her new album!! So many loyal supporters of this girl can’t wait to hear her newest music. Myself included, obviously.

You originally saw her here at her guitar shoot (go see it, NOW, such a good shoot). Just a couple years later, new music, same pretty face. Love these fresh headshots for this girl. She’s stunning.

So awesome seeing how many lives the first part of her album reached, and how God uses her through her music. I know part two of her album will be no exception. If you haven’t already, grab her worship album on Itunes. It’s such a good one, I promise you won’t be dissapointed. And look out for the newest music, coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this pretty face!

Shannon Quintana Shannon Quintana (1) Shannon Quintana (5) Shannon Quintana (3) Shannon Quintana (2) Shannon Quintana (6)


The Most Beautiful High School Graduate!

Huntington Beach Senior Portraits (1)The benefits of your aunt being a photographer, you get A LOT of pictures of milestone moments in your life.

My niece graduated this year. You can probably see it in her smile, she has great things ahead. She’s a sweet girl with a good heart. Love that she’s maturing already, as she starts college and new adventures. So a few days before she was an official graduate, she put on her cap and gown and practiced tossing her hat and turning her tassel. Good times!

Congrats to this 2014 senior graduate! On to the next chapter…

Huntington Beach Senior Portraits (2) Huntington Beach Senior Portraits Huntington Beach Senior Portraits (3)

Genuine Moments Between A Mama And Her Lady

Huntington Beach Photos (15)Huntington Beach Photos (5)Talk about one happy mama!!! This last mother’s day, this little girls mama received the best. gift. EVER! Shannon was beyond stoked when her baby daddy gave her the gift of pictures. A thoughtful, and perfect gift for this duo.

Do you ever have moments with your kids, or even just people you love, that you wish you could freeze and hold on to for-ev-er. Like everything is perfect in this one moment, and you don’t want it to end. You want to remember it this way forever. That’s what these pictures of Shannon and her daughter say to me. Two ladies that have immense love for each other, and froze that for an eternity.

Now I’ll be honest, this little toddler wasn’t in the happiest of moods the entire time. I mean it’s hard to have your picture taken for that amount of time when you’re this age. But what we caught wipe that all away, and these gorgeous images will remind Shannon of those beautiful moments, always.

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