My Sister & The Sunset

JenCYK-DG2014(5)A few frames that speak a thousand words. This is my sister and her family. Fun fact: she was 16 when I was born. Same parents, in case you’re wondering. I like to call myself, a surprise! :)

Her kids are 24 and 19. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Your kids are NEVER too old to have pictures done together. Don’t let your growing baby’s ages deter you from getting out and smiling with them. If it’s been a few years since you’ve all smiled together in front of a camera, let this inspire you to change that! Contact me, I’ll help!

So, on this gorgeous Huntington Beach day, the sun set perfectly, and joined our pictures. These few frames, make me so happy. This is the sunset I’m always looking for at the end of the day. When it’s there to make a strategic appearance in my pictures, all is well.

JenCYK-DG2014(7) JenCYK-DG2014(4) JenCYK-DG2014(6)

His Happy Little Face!!

Newport Beach Pier (1) Newport Beach Pier (8) Newport Beach PierLittle Deanie!!! Yes he’s my bestie’s kid, and so yes, I’m biased. But his cheeks!!!! Nicole & Jourdan’s little guy has always had the best cheeks that frame his sweetest little smile. And now he’s walking, well running, and he’s this little person that you just love. He turned one last summer (remember, bowties and suspenders??!), and a few months changes a kid a lot at this point in life. Like the personality that comes out more and more. The laughs, everything. Love it, love him.

So we took him to the beach early one morning, and did the typical things that photographers and parents do to make them laugh. Yelled, sang, jumped, clapped…the obvious Sunday morning nonsense that makes adults look foolish, but makes kids laugh. So it’s worth it! :)

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Pictures With You Babies, At Any Age…

Mother Daughter Pictures Orange County (3) Mother Daughter Pictures Orange County (4) Mother Daughter Pictures Orange County (9)As your children grow older, are they still your babies? Of course they are! Which is why I hope you agree, pictures shouldn’t stop just because your kids aren’t little anymore. Kaitlyn and Michelle agree.

This 20 year old lady and her mom have one of those relationships that they’re friends. And so do you know what they did?? They took pictures to celebrate that! Okay well maybe that’s not why they took pictures, but I think it’s a good reason. Hehe.

I hadn’t seen Kaitlyn since we did her high school senior pictures a couple years ago. I think she looks exactly the same (actually, prettier). And Kaitlyn, my apologies if that’s offensive, because maybe you want to look older at this point in life (like at least 21??!), but it’s a compliment. :)

Hopefully this is a reminder to you, your kids are never too old to pause and smile with!

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Maybe Not Always Smiling, ALWAYS Cute!

Best Huntington Beach Photographer Best Huntington Beach Photographer (7)This kid!! He doesn’t smile for me every session, but he’s such a good looking and sweet little guy, that it’s okay. Darin & Kimberly’s son turned one not too long ago (remember, when he wore a bow tie and had balloons? And smiled A LOT! Oh, you don’t remember? Then remind yourself, right here).

On this chilly day (I mean chilly for California, maybe like low 70s?), this sweet family came out to one of my favorite Huntington Beach nature fields, and hugged each other. And that always makes everyone happy!! I know this mama will agree with me, you can NEVER have too many pictures. So here are those pictures!

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