Maternity + Cool Places + Puppies

Anaheim Packing District (6) Maternity Photos With Your DogAny day now Jamie & Cobian will meet this little one. This couple will be first time parents (except that they have the sweetest pup, and if it’s a good sign that they’re the best puppy parents, then there’s a bright future ahead).

Jamie wanted to have some amazing pictures at the Anaheim Packing District. Such a beautiful backdrop to celebrate this pretty mama to be and her baby daddy. It’s bright and happy. A perfect way to welcome this kid. So she smiled, laughed, and looked HOT. Love it. And before the day was over, we grabbed a few pictures of them with their original baby. Love when we can have our pets join us. Brings some extra smiles.

So here they are, some awesome maternity photos and an awesome Orange County location!

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A Perfect Little Baby Girl

Newborn Baby Girl Photos Newborn Baby Girl Photos (7) First they had some of the best maternity photos EVER! Then Traci and Sei had the most perfect little girl EVER, so naturally they followed that up with the best newborn photos EVER!

They welcomed their lady a little late. But when she arrived, she was perfect and makes this family very happy. LOVELOVELOVE this newborn session. It was done in Harlee’s bedroom, and every one of these pictures are gorgeous.

When these new parents saw their photos for the first time, Traci got a little teary eyed. She said these pictures make her forget the hard moments of having a newborn. I know they’ll love these forever. So happy to be a part of this family’s life!

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Birthdays & Balloons

Christmas Photos Orange County (1) Christmas Photos Orange County (9)Kimberly & Darin’s little guy is honestly always smiling. You see him smiling, it makes you smile. I love when babies have this effect. And I think it’s clear that he got this characteristic directly from his mom & dad. They’re the same way, happy, light-hearted and always laughing & joking. I’ve liked these two a lot since we first met for their maternity pictures. And everyone is only getting better with age.

So they welcomed this little guy only one year ago. The year raced by, and Nolan got cuter by the day (although I did think that even as a little newborn, he was an exceptionally cute baby). And now he turned one. They’ve had this sweet family for a year. And while the daily obstacles of working/parenting/sleeping can be a challenge, these two always have a positive attitude. Most importantly, they’re fun together. Doesn’t get better than that. May we all strive to be fun together.

Here are some of those moments. Fun ones, from when Nolan turned one!

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Some Autumn In The Summer

Baby Photos Huntington Beach Baby Photos Huntington Beach (8)Billie & Chris just had this little lady, and now Autumn is already four months! Love these in between photos from their newborn pictures to their first birthdays. Babies change soooooo much this first year, and it’s awesome to have it on film.

Here she is, Autumn this past summer when she was a litlte four month old. Looking forward to the changes that eight months will bring!

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